Grandma Penner’s “Peach” Crisp

Grandma Penner’s “Peach” Crisp

I thought I’d re-post my mother-in-law’s amazing fruit crisp recipe as it’s fall and fresh peaches are on the shelves at your local grocer or Farmer’s Market. The recipe is made the same, just using seasonal peaches. I hope you make use of seasonal fruit and try this great recipe.

Just a tip, my peaches were not terribly juicy or overripe, so I used 3 tbsp. flour, which was a good consistency for 6 -7 cups of peaches. Depending on the juiciness of your peaches, you may need to adjust the amount. Some peaches tend to be less sweet, so more sugar is needed. I used 3/4 cup sugar for my peaches since they needed a bit more sweetness.


Grandma Penner’s Fruit Crisp Recipe

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